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Wainwright Community Bingo

Welcome to Wainwright!

September typically means info nights, block parties, and welcoming events. But this year due to COVID-19, that has to look a little different.

The Wainwright Welcoming and Inclusive Community Committee in Partnership with Wainwright on Wellness has put together a fun game to get newcomers connected, and longtime residents reconnected with our amazing town!

We have put together a bingo card with tasks around town for you to see, do, try, find or play. This contest will run for one month, and closes on October 15, 2020 at 11:59PM MST.

Each day we will post a tip or trick to complete the card, and how these tasks boost your wellness.

HOW TO PLAY Complete the tasks and take a picture. Doing all the tasks in one line gets you 1 entry into our draw to win our prize packs. Complete the whole board for 6 entries into the draw. Post your pictures in our Facebook event telling us which tasks you did to complete a line. This will count as your entry.

RULES: Open to all residents of Wainwright and surrounding area. Game board will be posted on September 15, which will commence the contest. Please no rude or inappropriate behaviour or language on the Facebook event or you will be disqualified. Prizes must be picked up in Wainwright. Winners will be drawn at random from individuals who have completed tasks to make a line(s) on the board, and posted the corresponding photos in the event.

PRIZES: There is over $325 in prizes to be won, all thanks to our awesome partners. Community Recreation Kit donated by Wainwright on Wellness valued at over $100 Relax and Kick Back Kit donated by the Wainwright Military Resource Centre and Wainwright Adult Learning valued at $100 Stay-in and Party Kit donated by PSP Wainwright and The Wainwright Chamber of Commerce valued at $75 Check Out the Town Kit donated by the Town of Wainwright valued at $50

We will be posting pictures of these prize packs so you can check out the awesome goodies you have a chance to win!

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