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Our Organization

Wainwright Adult Learning is part of the Community Adult Learning Program administered through Indigenous and Community Connections Branch, Advanced Education.  Funding is provided to more than 125 community adult learning organizations to support the delivery of part-time, non-formal adult learning opportunities.

We serve the areas of Wainwright, Irma, Chauvin, Edgerton and the Municipal District of Wainwright.


To offer adults the opportunity to build on foundational learning skills.



To promote and provide affordable, accessible, and quality lifelong learning opportunities.




Guiding Principles



We are responsive to the needs of adult learners and community organizations that support adult learning.


Inclusion and Community Participation

We believe that the community has a right to be part of decisions that affect them.



We will work with the community in a respectful and strategic way to achieve mutual goals.



We will ensure that our Board and Staff demonstrate transparency and accountability in the management of affairs of the organization to ensure credibility in the community and with our funder.


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